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Why Rejuveline™?

Our secret to anti-aging results and sculpted, refreshed skin lies in the medical-grade solutions we bring right to your home. Lock in moisture with Rejuveline™ patches, and sustain your healthy glow.

Rejuveline™ Facelift Patches


Benefits of Silicone Patches


Customer Reviews

I had medical grace silicone patches after hand surgery, but they were big and thick. They flattened my scars really well. With that in mind, I thought I'd try these. They work well, however the result is short lived and not cumulative, but I'd buy them again. I really like them.

Cassandra A - TX, USA

So far so good. Used it 3 time so far an I do see slight improvement in my wrinkle appearance. Lets see what happens after 6 uses.

Katie W - FL, USA

This kit works great for my forehead 11 lines and under-eye area. I wear it overnight and by the morning my forehead is smooth and hydrated.

Jean F - London, UK

These patches give amazing results with daily or weekly use! Make sure to clean properly and they last. Way better results and investment then going to get a facial!

Emma W - NY, USA

I purchased the Rejuveline package and wore all night. The wrinkles on my eyes were significantly more smooth. I’m amazed! I will see how long the hydration lasts but so far I’m highly impressed’

Stacey R - Sydney, Australia

I’ve used the product twice now and it after each use my forehead feels much smoother and hydrated. I haven’t noticed any wrinkles or lines go away but I will keep using and see.

Margaret T - Leeds, UK

Skin feels smooth after wearing the 'facelift' at night and creases are lessened. I just need to remember to put them on each night. Will recommend!

Marissa D - USA

I really like the Rejuveline Facelift pack. I have been using it for several days now and I can see the results. Even though it is only temporary it is still uplifting. And I hope continued use will have permanent effect.

Amanda S - Utah, USA

Customer Results